The 10K Question in Network Marketing

Have you asked yourself the 10K Question about Your MLM?- When we start a job or a salaried position, we know what our hourly wage or our annual salary will be before we start. When we start a home business; however, we rarely ask that question, and we should! We should know how hard we’ll need to work to achieve our goals.  We should know on average how many people will we need in our organization.... read more

Income From A Network Marketing Lead Generation System

Just One Person’s Story About Her Experience With a Lead Generation System Meet Marcie (Yes, I’ve changed her name for her protection).  I met Marcie through an online friend.  Just so happened Marcie was going to be visiting in my area, so we made a date to get together, have lunch and talk.  That lunch turned into a 3 1/2 hour visit. We shared our Network Marketing... read more

Are you a coach or a mentor? Or just a lousy sponsor?

From the desk to Tom "Big Al" Schreiter, a legend in Generic Network Marketing skills training. Are you a coach or a mentor? Or just a lousy sponsor?  Consider these definitions. To be a coach, you don’t have to know how to do what you are coaching. Many coaches simply listen to their distributors and tell the distributors they already know what to do and how to do it. As coaches,... read more

No One Can Keep Me Down But Me

Have you ever known or worked with someone  who had an excuse for everything?  I’m not sure we notice this as much in the Corporate Job world as much as we do in Network Marketing, as we build our home based business.  Of course, that could be because I have not been in the Corporate world since 1989 and simply don’t remember. Here’s the scenario though.  We share our... read more

Something to Remember

I received this quite some time ago, but it is well worth having on a blog just as a reminder to us all. Don’t spend major time with minor people. If there are people in your life that continually  disappoint you, break promises, stomp on your dreams, too judgmental, have different values and don’t have your back during difficult times…that is not a friend. To have a friend, be a friend.... read more

Effects on Water Crystals

All the great philosophers tell us "we get what we think".  If 60% of our bodies are made up of water, these pictures are certainly thought provoking …   Positive & Negative Energy Effects on Water Crystals Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring water Japan Shimanto River, referred to as the last clean stream in Japan Antarctic Ice Fountain in Lourdes, France Biwako Lake, the largest lake... read more

The Most Critical Marketing Principle for Network Marketing

Business models always drive the behavior in the field. You cannot change the model. You can not deny the facts. You can only work with it.  What do I mean by that? Simple – Some companies have a business model of very high-priced products which could never  be sold to the public on product merit alone. The only way they can be sold is as a money-making opportunity. THAT business model... read more

18 GREAT Reasons NOT to Change

Change…. In Network Marketing we talk a LOT about change, especially in changing the way we think.  Do you have to change?  Do you not have to change?  A friend in Facebook posted a status message around Thanksgiving last year posing this question: someone please tell me why do people say they want to change their life, but they are not willing to do the things it takes for CHANGE?... read more

The Dark Side of MLM

From the E-Book  – Success in 10 Steps.  Feel free to click the link and get your copy. People figure they have a great company, great products, excellent marketing plan, good skills, proven track record, and on and on … so success in this business should be like rolling off a log. And then they get crushed UNDER the log! Some facets of this business are so obvious, you may take them for... read more

Gratitude-Enoughing- in Network Marketing

Once you get involved in Network Marketing (MLM), seems to me you hear a lot more about being grateful….  having gratitude.  However, even be3fore getting involved in building a business from home via the Network Marketing business model, I’ve often wondered, why do we need an “official” holiday – like Thanksgiving for instance – to celebrate ‘giving thanks’? Call it the Universal Law of... read more

Would It Be Okay in Network Marketing

It is TRUE that sometimes we Network Marketers come across as some sort of fanatical zealot when it comes to talking about our business or product/services.  And, yes, some of what makes us seem like fanatics is we have a hard time understanding WHY someone wouldn’t want whatever it is we want them to have….. and we just don’t know WHEN TO STOP! Imagine, if you will, that there was... read more

Ooooh, this is so mean :)

From one of my great mentors, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter. If you wait for someone to come around and motivate you, what will happen if they don’t show up? Are you going to stay unmotivated for the rest of your life? Have you ever had a new distributor call you and say: “Oh, I can’t be successful because my sponsor doesn’t help me. I need more help. Why doesn’t my... read more

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